Babette Becker

Babette Becker has been photographing for many years, but has been working exclusively in the digital medium for the last four years. She has taken several courses at the International Center for Photography in New York City, and studied extensively with Harvey Stein. Her body of recent work includes photographic stories from Mexico, Ecuador, Cuba, New York, and family.

One of Babette’s major interests is in street photography and watching people in their everyday lives. As a psychologist and a writer, she is fascinated by the way people make brief and ephemeral connections, and yet, at the same time, her eye targets those moments when they are also caught up and absorbed in their inner worlds, often oblivious to each other and to their surroundings.

Not unrelated to her sense of people’s movements through the streets she is also intrigued by movement in space as in the dance; that each movement is constantly transforming into another, different one. These movements, moments of beauty, last only for a brief time before they are on their way to something new. By capturing that motion in a photo, Babette is trying to freeze both the sense of transformation, yet hold on to and prolong its beauty and stillness.